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GEAR Templates An Engineer’s Approach to Woodworking

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To access Laser CAMM instructions go to: > Machine Shop > Machines > LaserCAMM

Read all the instructions for Laser CAMM to understand how to make files that will be compatible with  the Laser Camm.




PRESENTER             DATE                  ARTIST

Margot Hedlin — January 24th — Diane Landry

Erin Price-Wright— January 26th— Paul Kos

AVAILABLE — January 31st —  (                              )

James Lipshaw — February 2nd — Chris Burden

Clementine—  February 7th — Tim Hawkinson

Reyna Kontos — February 9th — Bernie LuBell

Emma Webster — February 14th —Tony Oursler

— February 16th — =NO CLASS — February 21– Holiday

Jack Reidy — February 23 — Ken Feingold

Artist’s To Choose from: Rebecca Horn, Tim Hawkinson, Bernie Lubell, Sheri Simmons, Bruce Cannon, Chris Burden, Mauricio Ancalmo, Kara Tanaka, Jim Jenkins, Ann Hamilton, Steve Hollinger, Diane Landry, Paul Kos, Tony Oursler, Marcel Duchamp, Janet Cardiff, Chris Burden, Panamerenko, Charles Ray, Alan Rath, Ivan Navarro, Gregory Barsamian, Matt Heckert, Joseph Delappe, Milton Komisar, Perry Hoberman, Naum Gabo, Mitchell Chan, Simon Starling, Kenji Yanobe, Christian Marclay, Christy George, Fischli and Weiss, Céleste Boursier Mougenot, Joyce Hsu, Barney Hayes, Jeffery Shaw, Jesús Rafael Soto, Ed Osborn, Pol Bury, Martin Riches, Nigel Helyer, Protrude Flow, Simon Penny, Catherine Richards, Ken Goldberg, James Seawright, Eric Staller, Ken Feingold, Mark Madel, Takis, Norman White, Ulrike GabrielKinetic Artist Papers & Presentations

• Select one artist who’s work you find interesting. Let me know the artist you have selected so we do not have duplicate presentations in class. First come, first serve.

Here are some suggestions to help students examining an artist:

• How did you first hear about or see this artist’s work?

• What is it in particular that you find interesting about the artist’s work?

• Is there any resonance between your experience and the artist’s? If so, describe it. If not,

you might write about that too.

• Does the artist address any specific issues (political, social, religious, gender, personal, philosophical, art movements, etc.) in their work?  **If so do you feel they are successful in this intention?

• Does the artist work in primarily one medium/processes or multiple? Describe them.

• How has this artists’ work changed over their career? (or has it not changed?)

• What influences does this artist have (from experiences, other artists, theoretical critique)?

• What is the relevancy of the content of the artists’ work and the content of the class?

• Did you find something in the artist that you might apply to your art, career or life?

• Is there any work you do not like by this artist and why?

**The paper should be typed, single-spaced with 12-point font, 2 pages in length and printed double sided. Correct grammar is expected. Each report should be properly identified with name, title and the section of the class. Sources should be cited.

**You will give the class a 10-minute presentation on this artist including a minimum of 12-20 images/videos using a Powerpoint format. Please have this on a CD, zip drive or other, so we can easily access your presentation from one computer during class. Also please turn in a copy of your Powerpoint presentation and paper on CD when it is your turn to present.